Register Your Lost or Stolen Badge

If your badge is lost or stolen, "Kappa Keepers of the Key" are keeping a log for all initiated members throughout the United States. It's as easy as an email with information about the description of your key, providing your initials, date initiated, and your chapter--all the information that should be on the back of your key. The "Keepers of the Key" have often identified and returned badges to their original owners. If you have an interest in adopting a key to replace the one you lost, or you just want to be a collector, information is provided in the section to link you to the active list of badges available. More information is available below, or you can contact the Keepers of the Key at

Adopt a Badge

Click here to download a file from the "Keepers of the Key" with more information from them about badge adoption and recovery. Visit the Keepers page for an updated list of adoptable badges.

How to Protect Your Badge

We can all remember the day that our golden badge was pinned on as a symbol of our initiation into Kappa Kappa Gamma. From that moment on, we would become the custodian of an emblem conceived of by six women in the late 1800s and recognized by fellow Greek members and others around the world. It is an emblem we cherish, and each member should make provisions for its safekeeping.

Sometimes members or their families do not realize that the key-shaped pin is an emblem of membership and that provisions for a badge should be made so that it does not fall into the possession of a non-member.

Click here to download a form you can cut out and place with your badge or other personal papers so that your family is aware of your intentions for the disposal of your badge. To ensure that intentions are enforceable, however, please consult with a lawyer.